Crashes from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

The best day of training i have had in a long time! Started on 7.0 when Peter and I were testing the new sails. The wind then picked up and we re rigged 6.3s and was still seriously overpowered! had some huge crashes today with one very spectacular crash leading to a few congratulations from nearly everyone on the beach. Nevertheless my board speed is getting very consistent and feeling very comfortable with my new Meanline Fins. Its interesting to see how many people here in Maui are using them now, and those that are also using North Sails Windsurfing International. I managed to get some cool #gopro footage of some of the crashes so will post tomorrow (unfortunately memory card ran out of space for my huge crash).

A great day training with Peter and Geoff. #maui2014

Speed session behind Bucklands Beach sand bar from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

A very quick blast behind the bar for a speed session!

Turtle time in Maui from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

So i went hawaiian canoeing on a day of no wind… managed to go swimming with a few turtles which was epic!

AWA Santa sail

AWA Santa sail

Thought i would try RSX… Managed to get a 2nd place on my second day ever trying it!!

A great video

The Blue Balls Corporation from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

A quick edit of Christopher Dimock… (Dymock if your fancy) when he came to AKL

No Diggity by Chet Faker

Paul V in AKL from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

A very quick film of when Paul Vilestra came up from Dunedin for the weekend..

One Day by Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut Remix)

Team10 at Takapuna from Laurence Carey on Vimeo.

A team10 Training Session at Takapuna on the 22-23 of September 2012.

A great Days training for Team10 at Takapuna! Tried my new 8.6 Warp